Nikki Nightingale & Co


The Intros

Right from Nikki Nightingale’s inception, there has always been a third person, and that is the intro man who just wants to go by the name Bruce, quite a few of their turns have an intro, here are a few!

Something else that was on the original site was this:

Thanks to the wonders of modern tech, we have our own Brucey Bonus!! Nikki Nightingale & Co can now e-mail our Bruce and say, ‘We need two intros – Co is in a fat suit, and is performing Tits n Ass, Nikki is performing Big Spender….can you do these for us?’

That is what we give him! The returning e-mail is full of mp3 attachments of all that we need, and then some.

These are the outtakes, which are here for prosperity!

Co has no part in this, Nikki has taken her stash of diamond bracelets (Nikki – they’re fake, but Co is so thick she doesn’t know the difference!) also it should be noted at this point, Nikki is sniggering in the corner as we speak (it is quite an evil one!)

Yup  – the last incarnation of this site couldn’t believe that SOUND FILES can be sent as an attachment..!