Nikki Nightingale & Co



Those that grew up with the internet won’t believe this, but the very first inception of this website/domain only had static images. Getting video footage was to find that rich friend who had a video camcorder, then you had to have some fancy equipment to connect your analogue camcorder to your PC.

These were the days when YouTube didn’t exist either! Even when YouTube did exist it meant that you had issues with copyrighted videos, which made it even worse to showcase on a website such as this. But now thanks to ContentID and having the function to unlist videos and that everyone now carries a video recording device (that’s a smartphone to the young whippersnappers!) we can now show Nikki Nightingale & Co on video on the website (these things happened during the ‘short hiatus’!)

So, now the copyright holders can be reimbursed, which Nikki Nightingale & Co have no issue.

So here they are, in show order.

Raining Men

I Don’t Care If The Sun Don’t Shine

Tits & Ass

Over The Rainbow

All That Jazz