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  • Our new photos

    For the first time in 25 years Nikki Nightingale & co have been able to update their photos. Thanks to Venture Studios at Eton, we were able to have NEW photos, here is the slideshow of some of the photos. The photo gallery will be coming soon!

  • From again!

    This photo was on the homepage of our site in May 2003 – which can be seen on Again, some context surrounding this photo. It started at Brighton Pride in August 2001, we finished the march and looked around Preston Park, and as it was hot we decided to sit down and have a […]

  • Our Backing Tracks.

    This story includes sound editing history and a weird coincidence…! Bruce helped us with the intros for Nikki Nightingale & Co, before I was around, and before the advent of MP3, the backing tracks were recorded at Bruce‘s work, which bizarrely was where I (Co) went for my work experience a few years earlier, where […]

  • Is the stage too high, or too low?

    There has been a couple of occasions where the stage has been, let us just say, we didn’t take into consideration the height. In the last post, I mentioned Bjork being ‘energetic’ – this did come with consequences. We performed in Kent, this was one of those gigs that didn’t go well. This gig had […]

  • Bjork and Self Raising Flour

    Let me assure you the stories we tell on the website are things that really happened, are the stories we tell to our friends AND didn’t happen that often! Remember we were on the road nearly every weekend for 7 years, and these are the ones that stick out through all those weekends. This one […]

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