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  • Co and Rock DJ

    To give a bit of background first, Rock DJ was a Robbie Williams hit, and in the music video to impress a girl he strips naked and then strips his skin/muscles and becomes a skeleton. Co didn’t go that far though, during rehearsing, the idea was that Co was going to wear a skin suit. […]

  • While looking on

    I found this, it was the 2002 act. We always updated it, as we didn’t want to be ‘that act that did the same thing’ – even today we are still looking for new numbers for private bookings. I also took the liberty in taking a few of the animated gifs that I created back […]

  • It must be glamorous working…

    Yeah right…!! What most people see are the 45-minute show and the quick changes. What you don’t see is the changing area (or in one instance, the lack of). We have changed in kitchens, disabled toilets, gents toilets, a living room, or in one instance the back of a van in a high street. We […]

  • James’ Birthday Bash

    You know what it’s like…. you wait for a gig to turn up, then two appear in the same week – 15 years later! This show was on the 2nd June 2022! Here James wanted a drag act for his birthday party, saw how much one was and nearly died… both he and his husband […]

  • Cilla’s Charity Disco

    Nikki Nightingale & Co have been performing in the Basingstoke Hospital panto since 2018 and became friends with a nice little lady called Cilla. She has been meaning to do a charity disco for a couple of years, but thanks to Covid had to keep pushing the date forward. The date of the show was […]

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