Nikki Nightingale & Co


Co and Rock DJ

To give a bit of background first, Rock DJ was a Robbie Williams hit, and in the music video to impress a girl he strips naked and then strips his skin/muscles and becomes a skeleton. Co didn’t go that far though, during rehearsing, the idea was that Co was going to wear a skin suit. We couldn’t get one, and a gig was coming up, and Co just went, ah, sod it, I’ll just strip naked.

The idea was, that during the number Nikki would come out with various boards saying things that were witty, and the last one was a censored board that Co danced behind and wrapped around himself so he could get off the stage without anyone seeing any dangly bits… well that was the intention. It was choreographed so that the audience was in front of Co performing, and that Co was dancing on a stage. The reason for this full description will become clear.

When this was performed at hen nights, Co got bigger cheers from the girls than the actual strippers, they did ask why, and it was as simple as, ‘We don’t get to see normal-looking guys doing that – and it was more of a turn on!’

Now we are going to go through the times when things didn’t quite work out…

Nikki and her real-life partner had their 50th birthday party, and so costume changes were done quickly and efficiently (the area was really too small for a gig, and changing was outside – not the first time!) they had a friend to do costume changes, and to bring on the boards… or so Co thought. During Rock DJ, Co was getting more concerned about the boards, as more clothes came off. The Censored board never came, and he had to use his hands to cover up his modesty. He came off stage and saw the friend yakking, he said, ‘did you forget something?’ She saw a naked Co, and went ‘OMFG!’

Now another venue they performed was a gay bar, and the changing area was nowhere near the stage, so it was decided they’d get changed at the entrance outside and the costumes stacked in the back of a van, the stage area backed on a low hanging window. During Rock DJ people started leaving the stage, much to the horror of Co, only to find out when he was naked(!) outside on a public high street, where a bunch of gay lads wanted to have a look at his bare bum!

This is not the worse story…

No, this one firmly belongs to Nikki’s mother, who was in her late 80s at the time, and really should know better, came and watched her son and Co perform at a local venue. The stage was ‘in the round’ which basically meant people could sit on either side of the stage. They did tell the staff not to let people sit there. Nikki’s mother wasn’t going to have any of that! So during Rock DJ, Co was performing, as usual, the boards came in on time he got the censored board and started dancing. Now when one dances naked, things start to jiggle about. Imagine Co’s horror when he looked left, seeing his drag partner’s elderly mother with her head looking in the general direction of his nether region. Nikki did confront his mum after this  – only to be told, ‘I needed a look, I haven’t seen one for ages!

Needless to say, this one IS NOT BEING ADDED BACK….. EVER! (Co says, ‘not for at least £1m’)