Nikki Nightingale & Co


Bjork and Self Raising Flour

Let me assure you the stories we tell on the website are things that really happened, are the stories we tell to our friends AND didn’t happen that often!

Remember we were on the road nearly every weekend for 7 years, and these are the ones that stick out through all those weekends.

This one is about Nikki before Co came along. This is one number is about Bjork. Nikki lip-synced to her number ‘it’s oh so quiet’. Instead of hushing, she was sniffing ‘coke’ and when it got to the energetic part of the song, Nikki used to either jump off the stage, jump in the air or into the audience.

Those that work in theatre etc know that props are set up before performing. So Nikki would have 4-5 rizzlas filled with ‘coke’ (it was self-raising flour) set aside at the stage.

In one pub, she set them up as usual and found them missing… only to see a group of 20-year-old gay men getting ‘high’ on her fake coke. Nikki could hear them say ‘what great stuff it was’ too!

So Nikki did what Nikki does, went up to them and said, ‘I see you enjoyed my props, you’re getting high on self-raising flour’.

Apparently, you have never seen a group of young gay men get so embarrassed and left the pub quickly!