Nikki Nightingale & Co


New Website

Well, I (Coco Canal) looked on today, and the site hadn’t been touched for over 10 years! The funny thing with this site, this was the very first website I designed back in 1998, and as I pointed out before this was before broadband, YouTube and smartphones. So it has been a bit nostalgic looking back. The original blurb was written so that search engines could find the keywords, and yes, this site is older than Google! I had to make sure we appeared on Yahoo, Alta Vista and Ask Jeeves!

As we now have a blog, something else the original site didn’t have, yes WordPress wasn’t a thing either, we can now add previous gigs we have performed, the amount of new technologies is immense, stuff we could have only dreamed of.

Here are some photos from our albums to keep you entertained for a bit!